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Pricing Information

   When Ordering:n

               At time of ordering a cake there is a 50% deposit required and is not refundable. Keep in mind that I don't use cake boxes for my cakes, all are made from scratch including the fondant and to be sincere I use your deposit for materials and ingredients. I required at least 6 weeks for cakes and 2 weeks for gelatins. If you need a cake in a rush it will be with basic decorations if space is available. Most of the special and custom cakes decorations required time to dry and set up, this also applies to the edible decorations.

             I only offer cake testing for free for wedding cakes orders(No execptions). I can deliver for free locally. Cakes stands and accesories required a deposit (this one is refundable). If missing parts or damage occurs the deposit will be used to cover it. I don't replicate cakes, because for me I am making something unique and special, but you are more than welcome to bring a photo to give me an idea of what do you want.  It's my pleasure to make your cake and the biggest joy is to see how surprised and happy this cake is going to make someone.



    - First birthday cake comes with a smash cake for free!   

      - Basic decorated Cakes frosting $2.00 per serving

     - Cupcakes $30.00 per dozen (same flavor)

     - Cake pops $30.00 per dozen (same flavor)

     - 3D Encapsulated Flowers $1.50 per serving

     - Gelatin Cakes $2.50 per serving   

     - Custom 3D or shapped cakes depends on complexity (all made   in fondant)

     -Edible images and Piping  picture to match

              your decoration   $10.00

     -Fondant covered cakes: $2.50 per serving 


     -Wedding Cakes:

           -Basic cake with icing $3.50 per serving and  fondant covered $4.50 per serving

       - For all cakes there is an additional charge for fillings and cake flavors:

             Regular cake filling $3.00 per tier

             *Deluxe cake filling $5.00 per tier

             *Deluxe cake flavor  $10.00 per tier

*Deluxe flavors ( Seasonal and market price availability)

        - For cupcakes fillings there is .25 cents per cupcake

        - Gumpaste decorations: Additional charges will be applied for ( flowers, fondant modeling cake toppers or chapes and fresh flowers)


           I have a huge variety of flavors to choose from: All of the cake flavors can be done in cakes, cupcakes or cakepops unless utherwise noted "just for cupcakes". You can see the list on the dropdown menu from the cake ordering form. The cake ordering form is not a contract and is not necessary to fill it but it will help me a lot when you need a quote for your cake. All payments and deposits should be made in person, that way we can discuss everything before making the order. After filling out the contract you will receive a copy by e-mail. Once the cake is delivered  by me or pick up  by the customer I am no longer responsible for damages to the cake or any equipment. If you have any question just send me a message and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.